Use Your Ukash Voucher for iPhone Casino Play

Ukash is one of the foremost payment options that are used today for all casino play including the mobile casino and now the iPhone casino. A Ukash voucher can be bought in a number of different denominations with cash or credit cards. You are then given a 19 digit pin number which is the key to your money. Ukash vouchers can be bought at locations around the world and with a voucher you will receive a personal 19 digit pin code. For some this may be easy to remember but for others it is near impossible to remember the code. By using the new Ukash app for the iPhone and iPhone casino you can manage your cash voucher very easily and even have the option of transferring money person to person.

Manage your Ukash Voucher through iPhone App

The new Ukash app for the iPhone casino allows you to enter your 19 digit code from one or more vouchers that you have purchased. This is rather like a personal bank account just for Ukash and you can view all of your transactions at any time, review your balance, add other vouchers and of course send money from the iPhone app to your iPhone casino easily. Another great bonus that this new Ukash app offers is a store locator; it can advise you where the nearest store is for buying Ukash vouchers. There is also a help and support section where you can be in contact with Ukash with any queries you may have.

The Convenience of the iPhone Casino App for Ukash

When playing casino games at an iPhone casino, convenience is foremost in your mind. Ukash has always provided a very convenient option for casino players where anonymity is maintained together with secure and immediate transactions. Now with this new app the convenience that it offers is even more and only serves to make your iPhone casino gaming more enjoyable, safe and secure. At any time you can check up on your Ukash balance and find the nearest store where you can buy a voucher to top up the balance. All this can be done through the iPhone and while you are still enjoying the iPhone casino. There is no need to wait around for checks to clear or credit cards to be approved, using Ukash is instant and secure and a perfect option for the iPhone casino.