Play Dragon's Fortune at the iPhone Casino Today

Dragon's Fortune is a fun and exciting casino game that is perfectly suited for the iPhone casino. The game has a strong Asian theme, with a fire-breathing dragon shooting off pearls with Chinese characters on them. The pearls bounce off an Asian gong and take their place on the lower part of the screen. If the Chinese characters on any of the six pearls match, you have won the Dragon's Fortune. The winning varies depending on which Chinese characters are matched. The game comes with a handy chart on the right side of the screen that shows how the winnings are calculated. The pearls with the purple characters, for example, multiply your bet 100 times, while the pearls orange characters multiply your bet a whopping 20,000 times.

A Perfect Addition to the iPhone Casino

Dragon's Fortune is quick to learn and simple to play, making it perfect for the iPhone casino. Like other iPhone casino games, it is particularly well-suited for playing on the move or in places where you might not have access to a computer. Since the game is based on pure luck, with very little skill involved, it is good for playing in an environment where it may be difficult to concentrate, such as on a noisy bus or subway, or when you want to clear your head in the middle of a long and taxing work day. The iPhone casino provides a good platform for a wide range of casino games, including online slots with multiple reels, but the smaller screen is particularly well suited for games with less dynamic action. In fact, some of the most popular iPhone casino games are similar in style to Dragon's Fortune, where the action is more contained.

iPhone Casino Games Continue to Grow in Popularity

It is easy to see why iPhone casino games would continue to attract fans across the world. They are more convenient than desk-top computer based games because you can play them anywhere. But they still give you a crisp image without sacrificing at all on the playing experience. With games such as Dragon's Fortune, you can win a real fortune, especially if you keep playing. And going home with a thicker wallet could turn the time you would spend waiting in line at the bank or in your doctor's waiting room into time well spent. With iPhone casino games, the action is always in your hands. And just like its online counter-part, the iPhone casino never closes.